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Summer Site Maintenance

Hello Engsoc

It is that time of year again, where the Committee has to update the website with new content for the new year and fix any problems. Please bear with us while we do this!

Everything should be ready by August! Have a good summer and see you all soon.

EngSoc love,

Your EngSoc Committee


New EngSoc Committee 2014-15

Hi everyone.

AGM has happened and we now have a brand new committee. So here they are:

Jade Unwin, President

Jess Emery, Vice-President

Chanjot Sandhi, Secretary

Helen Olivia Archer, Social Secretary

Connie Suggit, Events Secretary

Francesca Rock, Welfare Officer

Natashah Wilson, Communications Officer

Beth Holehouse, Sports Secretary

Here is a pic of the old Committee (in blue) with your new Committee (in red).

new and old committee












MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to the new Committee on being elected, and ENDLESS THANKS to the old Committee – you’ve had an awesome year, without you none of this would’ve been possible!
EngSoc love xx

Summer Site Maintenance

Hello EngSoc!

We’re afraid that it’s that time of year again, where the Committee have to trawl through the website fixing problems and writing new content for the year ahead – so please, bear with us while we edit everything ahead of the new intake in September!

Needless to say, everything will be pristine and wonderful in time for August – dare we say anything else?

EngSoc love,


Your EngSoc Committee