Committee 2012/13

The Committee are collectively responsible for running EngSoc – the socials, events, sports, welfare activities, and everything else we do! For more information about what each of the Committee do, refer to the Constitution under ‘Documents’ :-)

Alice  |  Ellie  |  Alicia  |  Cally  |  Sam  |  Dan  |  Marcus  |  Megan

President: Alice Rutherford

Hometown: Newcastle
Year and course: Third year, Single Honours English
Halls: Highfield
Favourite EngSoc moment: The Humanities Ball is always a brilliant night – dressing up smart, live acts, and all of the humanities together. Winning an award for it was even better! But themed nights are always the best, the Noah’s Ark Pub crawl when we walked down the high street two-by-two dressed as animals was the best social ever.
Favourite Module: Definitely Nineteenth Century Novel. Serialisation, illustrations and getting smutty with Hardy – you can’t beat it!
Favourite Author: Thomas Hardy. But for light and fluffy reading, there’s nothing wrong with a Jodi Picoult!
Most looking forward to: Winning intra-mural Rounders for the fourth year in a row- we can do it!


Secretary: Ellie Hubble

Hometown: Northam, Devon
Year and course: Second year, Single Honours English
Halls: Glen Eyre!
Favourite EngSoc moment: Committee Handover Pub Golf was pretty legendary with suitably camp outfits.
Favourite Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez (and gotta agree with Sam about Stephen King!)
Favourite Module: Stage & Screen: An Introduction
Most looking forward to: Taking new members out in Portswood for our first epic social!


Treasurer: Alicia Dowsett

Hometown: Uxbridge, Middlesex
Year and Course: Second year, Single Honours English
Halls: Gateley
Favourite EngSoc moment: The Committee handover social was great fun, and the free bar at the Elections social was rather nice…!
Favourite Module: Literary Transformations just for John McGavin, or Stage and Screen.
Most looking forward to: The many free bars I shall pour our budget into and getting to know the Freshers!


Events Sec: Cally Beckley

Hometown: Hounslow, Middlesex
Year and Course: Third Year, Combined Honours Film and English
Halls: Romero
Favourite EngSoc moment: Would have to be the pub golf Handover social. I don’t even remember the last part of the night – always a good sign! The Halloween social was really fun too.
Favourite Module: It’s probably going to be 19th Century Novel: good set texts, interesting assignments and Mary Hammond is pretty amazing.
Worst Book I’ve Ever Read: Fifty Shades of Grey. I hope I don’t need to explain why…


Social Sec: Sam Everard

Hometown: Kingston-upon-Thames
Year and Course: Third Year, Combined Honours Film and English
Halls: Highfield
Favourite EngSoc Moment: The zombie-survival themed Halloween social was great fun, and both Committee Handover socials have been fantastic. The Humanities Ball is a brilliant night too! I think having to translate for Alice at one of the quiz nights because her accent was too thick is a highlight!
Favourite Author: Stephen King or James Ellroy. I’ve brought shame on my ancestors for not choosing someone more literary.


Welfare Officer: Dan Tovey (‘Official Distributor of Cuddles’)

Hometown: Ferndown (a rubbishy little town in Dorset)
Year and course: Second year, Single Honours English
Halls: MONTE!!!
Favourite EngSoc moment: Whooping Highfield Halls in the Rounders’ final.
Favourite Module: I loved learning about Troy, so I’ve got to say Literary Transformations.
Favourite Author: Eesh, too hard to call. I’ll do my favourite novel, favourite poet and favourite play instead – The Great Gatsby, Emily Dickinson and Under Milkwood.
Most looking forward to: The pre-election social. There was an open bar last time. It was glorious.


Publicity Officer: Marcus Burton

Hometown: Nottingham
Year/course: Second year, Single Honours English
Halls: Jellicoe, Glen Eyre
Favourite EngSoc moment: Winning the Committee Handover Pub Golf with an ace on every hole! Closely followed by the Humanities Ball, for an opportunity to break out the black tie to eat candy floss; and finally the trip abroad at Easter for being… Entertaining.
Favourite author: Ahhh. Difficult one. Tolkien, Ovid, Mervyn Peake, Horace Walpole, Virgil, Ibsen, and whichever genius(es) wrote Beowulf.
Favourite module(s): Literary Transformations for the chance to study Homer & Virgil (again), or Language, Text, and Culture for the study of OE. Cannot recommend that first-year ‘optional’ course enough.
Most looking forward to: Getting involved with the Humanities Ball, hopefully running another Easter Excursion, and finishing the EngSoc website!


Sports Sec: Megan Downing

Hometown: Bideford, Devon
Year and course: Second year, Single Honours English
Halls: Bencraft
Favourite EngSoc moment: Leading the Intra-Mural Rounders team to victory! And being tied to Tom McWhirter on the Handover Social made that THE. BEST. NIGHT. EVER.
Favourite Module: I liked Critical Theory a lot.
Favourite Author: Thomas Hardy.
Most looking forward to: Sleeping tonight, does that count? No, seriously: my Women in Hollywood module by Shelley Cobb. She’s a babe.



There’s also the video of us from the Blackboard pre-sessional site. Please don’t watch it:
You’ll only get rick-rolled.