Committee 2014/15

The Committee are collectively responsible for running everything to do with EngSoc, from socials, events, sports, welfare activities, and everything else we do! We are here to help make your experience at university and with English a positive one. For more information about what the committee do, refer to the Constitution under ‘About Us’ >>>> ‘How we are run’

President: Jade Unwin

Year and Course: 3rd Year Single Honours English.
Halls: Monte.
Favourite EngSoc Moment: Both Pre-AGM socials were the dog’s bollocks.
Favourite Module: Visions of Beowulf .
Favourite Author: Arthur Conan Doyle.
Most looking forward to: Next years’ Freshers’ Social.

Vice-President: Jess Emery

Year and Course: 3rd Year, single honours English.
Halls: ‘Glen Eyre till I die.’
Favourite EngSoc Moment: Our wonderful President Jade carrying a potted plant around Jesters.
Favourite Module: Images of Africa! 10/10 would recommend to everyone or Critical Theory :)
Favourite Author: ooh a hard one! Louis de Berniers is right up there.
Most looking forward to: seeing how EngSoc can develop through the year and of course, the first English social of the year!

Secretary: Chanjot Sandhi

Year and Course: 2nd Year, and English (Single honours)
Halls: I live at home, so maybe that counts as Private rented!
Favourite EngSoc Moment: tragically missing the epic Pre-AGM social, I have to say the committee handover social was lovely!
Favourite Module: Critical Theory (the exam is horrible, but I can’t say I don’t like a good debate)
Favourite Author: Oscar Wilde
Most looking forward to: Being able to work together with a lovely group of people to make Engsoc even more amazing.

Events Sec: Connie Suggitt

Year and Course: 2nd year English and History.
Halls: Connaught Halls.
Favourite EngSoc Moment: Getting elected was obviously a good moment! Apart from that the handover social was pretty fun.
Favourite Module: As I do a joint honours degree I only did two English modules in my first year, Narrative and Culture and Critical Theory. I preferred Narrative and Culture as it involved reading novels, but Critical Theory was very helpful with terminology, theory and theorists, which I’m sure will come in very useful in the next couple of years.
Favourite Author: Such a hard question! I don’t think I can pin one down, although I do have a weakness for Stephen King novels.
Most looking forward to: In the coming year I’m most looking forward to the Amsterdam trip and the Humanities ball.

Social Sec: Helen Olivia Archer

Year and Course: 2nd Year studying BA English lit.
Halls: Montefiore House.
Favourite EngSoc Moment: Introducing the Engsoc Committee to the penguin dance during the Agms.
Favourite Module: Literary Transformations with professor John McGavin.
Favourite author: this changes a lot because I tend not to read a lot of books by the same author but atm it’s George R.R. Martin because I’m a massive Game of Thrones fan.
Most looking forward to: introducing freshers to EngSoc with our socials next year and the humanities Christmas ball

Welfare Officer: Francesca Rock

Year and Course: second year, English Literature and French.
Halls: Romero (Archers Road).
Favourite EngSoc Moment: Open bar social/ becoming Welfare Officer.
Favourite Module: Critical Theory.
Favourite Author: Gillian Flynn.
Most looking forward to: Studying modules that I’ve chosen as I could only do the compulsory ones in first year and meeting more people on socials!

Communications Officer: Natashah Wilson

Year and Course: 3rd Year Single Honours English
Halls: Richard Newitt, Glen Eyre.
Favourite EngSoc Moment: So many, but the recent Pre-AGM Social was great especially ending up in Manzils… who doesn’t love a good morning curry.
Favourite Module: Children’s Literatures was a great module, you get to read your childhood books all over again, but this time round you actually pick up things and discuss things your young brain never even imagined.
Favourite Author: Orwell, Tess Gerristen (crime novels), Faulks, Pat Barker
Most looking forward to: More netball, especially the tournaments which are a great laugh, and general social events.

Sports Sec: Beth Holehouse

Year and Course: 3rd Year Single Honours English.
Halls: Old Terrace, Glen Eyre.
Favourite EngSoc Moment: There have been many maybe just our regular netball sprinkles trips #addicted. Although I have loved playing in the mixed netball tournaments
Favourite Module: The 19th century novel.
Favourite Author: Orwell, Harper Lee, Austen and got to love George RR Martin
Most looking forward to: More netball (and sprinkles)