Committee 2015/16

The Committee are collectively responsible for running everything to do with EngSoc, from socials, events, sports, welfare activities, to everything else we offer! We are here to help make your university experience, and experience with English, a positive one. For more information about what the committee do, refer to the Constitution under ‘About Us’ –> ‘How we are run’

Here’s a bit about the people in charge this year:

President: Connie Suggitt

Year and Course: Year 3, English and History
Halls: Connaught
Favourite EngSoc Moment: Becoming President of course! But also the EngSoc trip abroad to Amsterdam, especially visiting the Anne Frank museum
Favourite Module: Scriptwriting. I was awful at it, but it was fun!
Favourite Author: Stephen King/ Edgar Allen Poe
Most looking forward to: Being in charge… joking! The Humanities Ball, it was amazing last year.


Vice-President: Helen Olivia Archer

Year and Course: Year 3, English Literature
Halls: Connaught and Montefiore House (twinned)
Favourite EngSoc Moment: Watching members do curdle shots on a house crawl
Favourite Module: The figure of the child in literature, film and culture
Favourite Author: Michael Morpurgo (because I want to be a children’s writer like him)
Most looking forward to: The freshers social and Humanities Ball


Secretary: Sarah Daw

Year and Course: Third year English
Halls: Montefiore
Favourite EngSoc Moment: The Handover social – wearing fairy wings and my first time to Manzils
Favourite Module: Victorian Bestsellers (shout out to Mary Hammond!)
Favourite Author: Such a difficult one, but Harper Lee or Ian Rankin
Most looking forward to: More socials and more netball


Social Secretary: Katie Sykes

Year and Course: Second year English
Halls: Monteeeee!
Favourite EngSoc Moment: Being forced to wear a pair of red gardening gloves and a dummy on the handover social…
Favourite Module: Narrative and Culture
Favourite Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Most looking forward to: Organising lots of socials next year!


Events Secretary: Fran Carasco

Year and Course: Second Year, English with Chinese
Halls: Mayflower
Favourite EngSoc Moment: Becoming Events Officer
Favourite Module: Narrative and Culture
Favourite Author: Jane Austen
Most looking forward to: Organising new events (hopefully) – a fresher’s only one and a summer ball


Welfare Officer: Megan Andrews

Year and Course: 3rd year English
Halls: Monte
Favourite EngSoc Moment: The handover social J
Favourite Module: Money and Meaning
Favourite Author: After 15 minutes straight trying I still couldn’t decide on a favourite, sorry!
Most looking forward to: Getting all of the new freshers involved in the first socials of the year J


Sports Secretary: Ellie Carter

Year and Course: Third year English
Halls: Glen
Favourite EngSoc Moment: Humanities Ball
Favourite Module: Post WWII Drama
Favourite Author: Angela Carter
Most looking forward to: Forming the new netball squad