EngSoc on Facebook

Our main Facebook group’s a great place to learn about the Society’s activities, meet coursemates, and ask questions; but, when we updated our groups, we decided to make use of the latest Facebook innovation, and move our main EngSoc group onto the ‘Groups at Southampton’ platform.

This means that in order to join the new group, you have to add and confirm your @soton.ac.uk e-mail address to your Facebook account. Doing so won’t just enable you to see our group, but a whole host of University of Southampton activities! Do be aware that this isn’t the case to access our Freshers’ group, and don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything by only being in the Freshers’ group until you’re a registered student and have your Southampton e-mail :-)

To learn how to add your @soton.ac.uk address, please click here.

Then to reach our new main Facebook group:


Click here!