So, why should I join EngSoc?
Because all of our members are awesome. Joking! It’s true. But, seriously: We host massive socials, both non-alcholic and alcoholic  – from bar crawls and the winter Humanities Ball to trips to indoor soft play centres – to help you settle into University lifestyle, whatever that is for you. We also offer excellent pastoral support (and hugs!) through our Welfare Officer, some great deals at Southampton’s most excellent establishments, a goodie bag of Uni essentials upon becoming a member, and some much-decorated sports teams (Rounders champions for three years running!); plus, let’s face it, we are pretty darn awesome.

I don’t study English. Can I still join EngSoc?
Yes! EngSoc is for everyone, either studying or just with an interest in English – though we’re technically a ‘departmental’ society, and so the majority of our membership do study English in some combination, there’s absolutely no reason why anyone can’t join. So bring your flatmates, friends – anyone’s welcome!

I’m not a student at Southampton, what about me?
Yes! But, we’re afraid you’ll additionally have to pay for Associate or Temporary membership of SUSU (details available if you contact them) – it’s available if you get in touch with them for a modest fee (£11.75 in 2012, subject to change).

I’m a Fresher coming to Southampton, and I’m getting lots of Facebook friend requests/e-mails about Freshers’ events. How do I know what’s genuine?
Only trust what you hear through SUSU, our Students’ Union (through their website or Facebook page) – and remember that we only advertise our EngSoc events through this site, or our social media presences (links above). Be wary of the (inevitable) scams, it doesn’t hurt to do a little research on an event invite to save yourself and your mates the hassle!

I’m a fully paid-up member, but I’ve lost my EngSoc Membership Card – what do I do?
Get in touch and we’ll check our records and, hopefully, you’ll get a new card as soon as possible; your card’s good for lots of deals and discounts at various venues across Southampton, so we’d hate for you to miss out!

I don’t want to receive the newsletter any more – can I unsubscribe and still be an EngSoc member?
We’re afraid not! Our newsletter’s our essential brief to you all about our activities, and the mailing list’s our definitive membership list; so apologies, but no.

Really? [That thing you've said above] sounds stupid! Who put you in charge?
The Society did! Every year the Committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to run EngSoc for the year. It’s a really big, important event – lots of campaigning, our pre-AGM social, and the AGM itself (at which no campaigning technique is too weird or too wonderful!). For more information about the nuts and bolts of how all that works, refer to the Constitution under ‘About Us’ >> ‘How We’re Run’.