How We’re Run

Because we are, legally, our own (little) organisation, we must have a few people in charge, and some rules about how we work to protect our members and those people if things go wrong. 



Okay, it does mean we have to take ourselves seriously for a little bit – but it’s for a good reason! We have a written Constitution which sets out the basic information – like we have members, and Officers to run certain bits of the Society, who you can see more about on the ‘Committee’ tab!


You can find our current Constitution here. We’re currently re-structuring this very long document, and have rewritten it as follows:

New Constitution - A very short (3 pages!) basic structure for EngSoc. 

By-Laws - These are even shorter rules for specific areas of the Society’s work, and are far more accessible than our current Constitution!

Conduct of General Meetings
Meetings of the Officers
Affiliations and Sponsorship
Irregularities in Meetings
Amending the Constitution


Any questions or comments? Contact us!