Previous Committees

This page details the Committees of previous years – eximious individuals all – who’re responsible for the great society that EngSoc is today.


President Cassidy Harvard-Davies
Vice President Daniella Smith
Secretary Jenna Ransome
Social Secretary Lauren Hoven
Events Grace Hassett
Welfare Officer Simran Mann
Sports Secretary Anna Roberts


President Connie Suggit
Vice President Helen Archer
Secretary Sarah Daw
Social Secretary Katie Sykes
Events Fran Carasco
Welfare Officer Ellie Carter


President Jade Unwin
Vice President Jess Emery
Secretary Chanjot Sandhi
Events Connie Suggit
Social Secretary Helen Archer
Welfare Officer Francesca Rock
Communications Officer Natasha Wilson
Sports Secretary Beth Holehouse

 Committee 2013/2014

President Marcus Burton
Secretary Bex James
Treasurer Megan Downing
Events Amy Joiner
Social Secretary Madz Ryan
Welfare Office Jade Unwin
Publicity Officer Laura Hunt
Sports Secretary Lauren Ramsden

Committee 2012/2013

President Alice Rutherford
Secretary Ellie Hubble
Treasurer Alicia Dowsett
Events Secretary Cally Beckley
Social Secretary Sam Everard
Welfare Officer Dan Tovey
Publicity Officer Marcus Burton
Sports Secretary Megan Downing

Committee 2011/12

   President  Miranda Hopkinson
   Secretary  Rhiannon Creffield
   Treasurer  Nile Davies
   Social Secretary   Sam Everard
   Events Secretary  Alice Rutherford
   Student Welfare Officer  David Tully
   Publicity Officer  George Doel
   Sports Secretary  Ellie Sellwood
   Postgraduate Representative Tig Wallace

Committee 2010/11

   President  Tom McWhirter
   Secretary  Rob Etheridge
   Treasurer  Miranda Hopkinson
   Social Secretary   Tig Wallace
   Events Secretary  Nile Davies
   Student Welfare Officer  Chloe Green
   Publicity Officer  Craig Charley
   Sports Secretary  Amy Bonifas