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We’re Back B*tches

It’s been a while since Eng Soc have utilised this gem of a website, but the 2018/19 committee are bringing it BACK. The hub of everything EngSoc is here to stay, so use this as your guide, your bible: this is the Holy Grail of the English Society.

As English students, the first thing you’re going to want to do is to become a member of EngSoc. For only £4 a year, you get invites to all our legend (wait for it) DARY socials, discounts in some of our favourite shops and restaurants, as well as £1 off entry to The Palace of Dreams, Jesters.

You can pay for your membership on boxoffice.susu.org and then you can come and collect your membership card at the start of term! We’ll let you know closer to the time, where we’ll be. The first social of the year is going to be an epic bar crawl where you’ll be able to meet your fellow EngSoc-ers and your new course mates. Remember, you don’t even have to study English to be part of EngSoc so bring your flatmates and whoever else you can find! Everyone is welcome.

As far as our other social media platforms go, we’ve got a Snapchat, an Insta, a Facebook, a Twitter and an email so don’t be afraid to slide into our DMs.

Facebook- EngSoc: University of Southampton English Society

Twitter- EngSocSoton

Instagram- EngSocSoton

Snapchat- EngSocSoton

Email- engsoc@soton.ac.uk

As far as the 2018/19 committee goes, we are all more than happy to respond to any questions, queries or worries you have so don’t be shy! We can’t wait to meet you all in September!

Stay lit,

President: Cassidy Harvard-Davies

Vice President: Daniella Smith

Secretary: Jenna Ransome

Sports Secretary: Anna Roberts

Social Secretary: Lauren Hoven

Events Officer: Grace Hassett

Welfare and Employability Officer: Simran Mann

Welcome to Freshers 2013!

To all new Freshers who’ve just learnt they’re coming to Southampton in September:



I’m Marcus, EngSoc President: EngSoc’s job is to make your English degree at Southampton awesome by looking after the ‘social’ and welfare side. I look forward to meeting you all very soon, but in the mean time, you can join our shiny new Freshers 2013 Facebook group here to ask questions and meet your new coursemates!


Stay tuned for announcements of what we’ll be up to in Freshers’ week… It’s gonna be awesome! Congrats again :-D


Massive EngSoc love xx

Halloween Quiz & Curry, Apoco-Lash!

Hello EngSoc!

‘Tis that time of year again… We’ll be hosting a Halloween Quiz Special of the Quiz & Curry in the Students’ Union’s Bridge Bar at 8pm on 28th October – with special rounds like Gothic Fiction, Famous First Lines, and a Film-themed Picture Quiz! We’re still firming up details, so watch for our Facebook event! :-)


Then there’s the Halloween social…

The Apocolash is coming…

Remember those Induction lectures had by all in the week before term started? Well… Do you remember the amount of people coughing and spluttering? The one at the back that looked all pale and drawn, and shuffled a little on their way in/out?

That’s right. Zombies have been in Southampton, and infecting people for weeks on end. And it’s time for the show-down. Our scientists have discovered that on Halloween night, the Zombies will be flocking to the Stag’s on Highfield Campus. Freshers: It’s your job to lead them from there to the Palace of Dreams, where the Jesters-grime will cleanse the Zombies of the infection. Try not to become one on the way. Or Portswood will become a haven for God-forsaken, shuffling, and crazed beings… More so.

Details: Freshers: You’re the ‘Survivors’. Your job is to draw the Zombies down to the Palace of Dreams on 31st October and not get bitten yourself! Zombies: Well, you’re zombies. Shuffle about, make sure to nibble a few cranial delicacies beforehand for that fresh-blood-dripping-from-the-maw look. And let’s pray the Jesters-grime is potent enough to cure the infection!



Watch for further details. It’s going to be epic!


EngSoc love xx