What Is EngSoc For?

Essentially, EngSoc exists for the benefit of its members – to ensure they have as great a time at the University of Southampton as possible! 



We’re a student-run Society who provide socials, non-alcoholic events, pastoral support, welfare activities, and sports for our members to have a great time and build lasting friendships.

EngSoc also provides a ready-made group of friends for Freshers when they first come to Southampton! English students are a diverse group, but all have a common love of literature and reading, so you’re bound to meet a load of like-minded (and perhaps not so like-minded!) people who are in the same, ‘Oh-my-God-I’ve-come-to-University-what-do-I-do’, boat as you.

We’re also award-winning (2011 Excellence in Volunteering Award for Commitment, 2012 EVA for Leadership), one of the best departmental societies in the University, and wholly dedicated to making our members’ lives as great as possible! For instance, if you become a member, you’re a member for the duration of your degree, and receive all of these benefits:

  • Heavily-subsidised socials (fancy dress not compulsory, but highly recommended!) with queue jump, discounted entry, and drinks deals;
  • Non-alcoholic events like the Quiz and Curry, trips to soft play centres for regression-into-childhood fun, and picnics on the Southampton Common;
  • Massive events like the black tie Humanities Ball, trips to the theatre, and Winchester Christmas Market, complete with ice rink;
  • Some champion sports teams, including Rounders and Netball – and we’re always keen to expand our range of teams to meet demand for sports like Football and Hockey!
  • Book sales to allow you to get hold of course texts at a substantial discount;
  • Academic guidance (everything from referencing to submissions) and pastoral care (to help you settle in at University, or offer advice on life, the universe, and everything…) from our Welfare Officer;
  • EngSoc hoodies with some great English-related puns on the back, and a free hoodie for whoever comes up with the best slogan (previous highlights include ‘Prose Before Hoes’, and ‘Give It To Me Rough Like A First Draft’);
  • Our fortnightly e-mail newsletter, a concise summary of everything the Society’s up to in the coming days;
  • The opportunity to be the first to hear about internships, auditions, and placements for English students;
  • Getting in touch with us any way you like – via e-mail, Facebook, the contact forms on this website, old-fashioned (but much appreciated!) snail-mail, or even in person :-)
  • Our iconic green wristbands, a Membership Card stuffed full of food and drink deals, and an EngSoc goodie bag (warning: contents may vary, but will inevitably amuse and be of great use);
  • A general aura of eximious-ness for being part of one of the best societies at Southampton!

Is that not enough? Well, get in touch with us via the ‘Contact Us’ tab, or Facebook, and see if we can’t change your mind!